Employee Details


Lecturer, Dept of EWCE

Faculty of Civil Engineering

Phone: +8801675768882

E-mail: narzisfiya882@gmail.com



Research Areas/ Interests


Hydrological Modeling

Climate Change

Urban Flooding

Hydraulic/Hydrodynamic Modeling


Academic Profile


M. Sc. In  Water Resources  Engineering (Ongoing), Department of Water Resources Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Dhaka, Bangladesh.


  1. Sc. in Water Resources Engineering, Department of  Water Resources  Engineering   (2014), Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Research Experiences


“Climate Change Scenario of Upper Meghna River Basin Using a Hydrological Model in HEC-HMS” (July 2013 – July 2014) – for BSc. research under the supervision of Dr. Md. Mostafa ali (Professor, Department of Water Resources Engineering).




Journal Publication


Md Mostafa Ali, Afiya Narzis and Shammi Haque (2016) “Impact of Climate Changes on Peak Flow of Upper Meghna Basin”, Journal of PU, Part: B (Science and Engineering); Vol. 3 no.:2 ; July 2016 pp 54-63;issn: 2224-7610.


Conference Proceedings


Narzis, A; Haque, S and Ali, M.M (2015)  Climate Change Scenario: Impact on Upper Meghna River Basin and Flow of Sylhet Region Using a Hydrological Model in HEC-HMS” ,  International conference on Climate Change in relation to Water and Environment (I3CWE-2015),Department of Civil Engineering, DUET – Gazipur, Bangladesh.


  1. M. Ali, A. Narzis and S. Haque (2014) “Evaluation of Climate Change Scenarios of Upper Meghna River Basin using Hydrologic modeling system (HEC-HMS)”. 2nd International Conference on Advances in Civil Engineering 2014 (ICACE-2014) ,CUET, Chittagong, Bangladesh.




Haque, S., Billah, M., Narzis, A., Islam, A.K.M.S., Islam, G.M.T.  and  Salehin, M., “ Future Changes of  Flash Flood in the North East Region of  Bangladesh using HEC-HMS Modeling”  The 2nd annual Gobeshona Conference 8-11 January, 2016.

Professional Experiences


Hydrological and Morphological Study of Maritime University New Campus Area at Chittagong.


Assessment of Morphological Changes near BIWTA Dredger Sites and River Bank Protection Design.


Improvement of the Water Logging Situation through Enhancing the Existing Drainage Capacity of the Naval Base BNS Issa Khan and Its Two Isolated Colonies in Chittagong.


Detailed Technical Feasibility Study for Integrated Development of Jahizzer Char.


Proposal of Road Alignment from Shah Porir Dwip to Ghundum.


Courses Offered


Open Channel Hydraulics

Fluid Mechanics


Design of Hydraulic Structure

GIS & Remote Sensing Sessional

Engineering Computational Sessional

Fluid Mechanics Sessional


Technical Skills