Employee Details

Capt Nafiz Ul Ahsan, Engrs

Lecturer & Program Coordinator, Dept of EWCE
Faculty of Civil Engineering



M. Sc. in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Year obtained: Ongoing

Institution: Department of Civil Engineering

Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST)


B. Sc. in Civil and Environmental Engineering,

Year obtained: 2012

Institution: Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Islamic University of Technology (IUT)


Teaching Area



Environmental Engineering


Water Resources Engineering


Published paper and Project Works

1. Ecological impact of brick kilns in Bangladesh: a critical assessment in achieving ecological sustainability;Publisded on 1st International Conference on Advances in Civil Engineering 2012 (ICACE 2012), CUET, Chittagong, Bangladesh.


2. The Potential Significant Impact of Climate change on human health: A case study in the southern part of Bangladesh; Publisded on National Seminar on Climate Change Impact and Adaptation Center for Climate Change and Sustainability Research (3CSR), Department of Civil Engineering, DUET – Gazipur, Bangladesh


3. Integrated and eco-friendly approach of waste management: an environmental case study of Dhaka city in Bangladesh; Publisded on the Waste Safe 2013 – 3rd International Conference on Solid Waste Management in the Developing Countries, Khulna, Bangladesh.


4. Feasibility Study of Solar Home System in Rural Areas of Bangladesh: Prospect, Progress and Challenges; Publisded on Global Engineering, Science and Technology Conference, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


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