With the vision of developing specialized personnel on Environmental Engineering, Water Resources Engineering and Coastal Engineering fields , EWCE department has been  introduced in MIST since January 2015 session. Currently the department is offering undergraduate program in the aforementioned engineering fields and has subsequent plan for offering higher studies.

Offered Degrees from EWCE Department, MIST are :

  1. B. Sc. in Civil and Environmental Engineering
  2. B.Sc. in Civil and Water Resources Engineering

In Bangladesh, environmental pollution in terms of water, air and soil; waste management; health hazard and other environmental issues need to be addressed properly. Besides, environmental aspects of large scale civil engineering projects should be paid special attention to mitigate their adverse impacts on environment. On the other hand, the vast water resources of the country should be utilized carefully maintaining ecological balance. Water structures, like bridge, culverts, dam, and embankments should be designed properly maintaining river morphology and allowing proper navigation. Again, Bangladesh has the longest coastal belt in the world. The coastal zone of the country provide with enormous marine resources. Specialized study program and comprehensive long term research on marine environment are required for understanding the unique and dynamic nature of the coastal belt as well as for sustainable development projects along the coastal region of the country.

Now, it is high time for comprehensive study and research on all the issues mentioned above regarding water resources, coastal zones and overall environment. Addressing the importance of these issues and with a view to contributing to the socio-economic condition of the country, EWCE department of MIST has taken the time stipulated step to nourish the development of promising researcher, experts as well as leaders on these specialized fields.

Being a very new department in MIST, currently it has 2 batches students, and 8 highly dedicated and experienced instructors. It has the laboratory facilities on environmental engineering and water resources engineering. These laboratories provide research as well as consultancy services. The department has also a library and the library facilities will be extended further. It is expected that field specific studies and researches on environment, water resources and coastal engineering, initiated by this new department in MIST, will foster better understanding and enhance knowledge on those fields.

Last updated on Thursday, November 02, 2017