Environmental Engineering Laboratory

The current context of environmental degradation in Bangladesh, especially pollution of the water courses, atmosphere throughout the country, raises the urgency of the proper addressing and mitigation of the issue. Hence, quantitative assessment of pollutants in water, air is of great importance to formulate the appropriate mitigation measures.

Environmental Engineering laboratory of MIST started its journey on 17 February 2008 as one of the promising environmental engineering laboratories of the country. The laboratory has the capacity of conducting experiments on surface water, ground water and waste water analysis. Currently a wide range of experiments on water and wastewater quality parameters (including heavy metals) are performed in the laboratory during the undergraduate sessional courses and postgraduate researches.

This laboratory is equipped with several advanced and sophisticated equipment to facilitate advance researches in environmental engineering fields. Moreover, the laboratory provides commercial testing as well as consultancy services in this arena.


 pH meter
Turbidity meter
 Conductivity meter
DO meter
Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
E  – pure distilled water system
COD  reactor
 Magnetic  Stirrer  with  hot  plate
 Jar  Tester
Digital titrator
Acid Digestion Chamber



  1. Environmental management of water logging problem in south-west coastal region of Bangladesh.
  1. Determination of Arsenic, Chromium and Cadmium contamination of food products.
  1. Bacterial content and removal processes from water sources in Dhaka city.
  1. Evaluation of the suitability of robust technology to purify drinking water in Dhaka city.


  1. Development of a novel anaerobic reactor for treating textile dyeing wastewater.


The laboratory provides support for experiments on sediment and water quality parameters, conducted under Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP).


Environmental Engineering Laboratory also provides testing as well as consultancy services on water and wastewater quality analysis, well design etc.


Last updated on Thursday, February 04, 2016