Water Resource Engineering Laboratory

Bangladesh is a riverine country which experiences different water hazards including floods, cyclone, storm surge etc. Therefore it is very important for us to analysis and understands the behavior of water flow.

Water Resource Engineering laboratory of MIST is established on 26 August 2005 and is one of the most sophisticated laboratories of the country which has the capacity of conducting experiment both in open channel and pipe flow condition. Students from Environmental, Water Resources, and Coastal Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering and Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering  can conduct about 40 experiments using 20 different kinds of major apparatus in the laboratory.

The laboratory has very sophisticated large flow channel. The flume is used to perform different experiments; such as -determination of flow rates, flow velocity and flow profile. Different kinds of hydraulic structure for example Sluice gate, Parshall flume, Venturi flume etc. can be build on the flume to analyze the flow behavior due to intervention of the hydraulic structure.

Another important instrument is the Pipe friction apparatus. This instrument facilitates to investigate of pressure losses at pipes and fittings, influence of flow velocity on pressure loss, determination of coefficient of resistance, function and principle of different flow measurement methods, comparison of theory and experiment. More over we have instruments to investigate the statement of Bernoulli’s Law.

In addition to this we also have the facility to conduct experiments on Irrigation Engineering for example soil moisture measurement by using tensiometer, theta probe, and other sophisticated instruments. For permeability test of soil we have drain permeameter.



  • Hydrostatic pressure apparatus
  • Basic hydraulic bench
  • Bernoulli’s principle demonstrator
  • Stability of floating body
  • Twin centrifugal pump configurations
  • Modular flow channel
  • Sluice gate
  • Broad crested weir
  • Par shall flume
  • Digital level gauge
  • Large flow channel
  • Venture flume
  • Instrument carriage
  • Fluid friction apparatus
  • Jet fill Tensiometer
  • Infiltration unit
  • Drain Permeameter
  • Electrical current meter
  • Mechanical current meter
  • Universal drying cabinet


Last updated on Thursday, February 04, 2016